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Israel sucks, pass it on.




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“أنا العاشِقُ السيءَ الحَظ
لا أستَطيعَ الذَهَـابَ اليكـِ
ولا أستَطَيعَ الرُجوعَ إليّ

I am the unlucky lover
I cannot give myself to you
And I cannot go back to myself”



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"There’s a twisted kind of pleasure in listening to depressing songs when you’re already feeling low."

"..because the only kind of love I have to offer is stupid and blind and so deep and powerful that I feel like I’m cracking just to hold it in."

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"With you, intimacy colours my voice. Even ‘hello’ sounds like ‘come here’."

- Warsan Shire   (via salacious-musings)

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