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"Her hair is shiny and as dark as night and I can remember the first time I kissed those curls, asking her, where are the stars? And she said, They’re a little lower papi."

- Junot Diaz  (via 33113)

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"And still,
I wait for you."

- Six Word Circumstance (via graciouswords)

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"You disappear so completely into your head sometimes,” he said. “I wish I could follow you."

- Jace Herondale, City of Ashes (via salacious-musings)

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"I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again."

- Meggie Royer, Literary Sexts (via salacious-musings)

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